Infrastructure is the heart of plant biotech business. At KF Bioplants, 750 highly trained technicians monitor the delicate multi-stage process at the ultra- modern laboratories spread over 12,000 square meters. A 100% sterile environment assures that the plants are free from contamination. 32 sprawling growth rooms can hold 20 million plants at any given time. The company has temperature-controlled greenhouses spreading over 6.5 hectares with a state-of-the-art fertigation system and climate-control system for steady supply of quality plants. 

KF Bioplants has a computerized ERP system to ensure faultless precision. Precise scheduling and error-free logistics ensure that top quality plants and other planting material are dispatched to numerous destinations worldwide safely, and on time.

Respected globally for unwavering quality, KF Bioplants believes that improving facilities and processes is a continuous development. It’s a part of the company’s DNA.